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Karl Fisher Water Content Tester
2014/12/23 12:28:48
Product Description:

  KF type water content analyzer using a Karl Fischer volumetric titrimetry method for the determination of water content in the test sample


Mainly used to determine the water content in the solvent, paper, oil, pharmaceuticals, paints and other products




Test range
Organic compound- saturated, unsaturated hydrocarbons, acetals, acids, acyl halides, alcohols, amide, weak amine, anhydride, disulfide, ether lipids, halide, peroxide, acid grease, salt and sulfide.
Inorganic compound -   acid,   acidic oxide, alumina, anhydride, barium peroxide, calcium carbide, copper oxide, desiccant, hydrazine sulfate, a part of the organic and inorganic acid salts.



1. Microcomputer control, automatic determination, high speed, high accuracy, fine repeatability

2. Using high precision metering pumps, and three-way switching valve

3. Fluid paths is with special materials, corrosion resistance, and good sealing

4. Automatic pipettes, automatic liquid injection, automatic discharge waste liquid

5. The data storage function, measurement results can be transferred to computer

6. Multi-stage agitation control; with the function of liquid back

7. Large LCD display, friendly interface, real-time display of the measurement process, simple operation

8. The all-plastic body, streamlined shape, simple and beautiful


Technical parameters:

Measurement Method:volumetric titrimetry
Measuring range:10 × 10-6 ~ 100% H2O
 Sensitivity:10 × 10-6
Repeatability:± 1%
Minimum feed amount:0.005ml
Burette capacity:20mL
Supply Voltage:AC 220V 50Hz
Dimensions:260 × 330 × 170mm


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