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GEK-HY Martindale Abrasion Tester
2013/7/3 16:32:30
Product Description:

 GEK-HY Martindale Abrasion Tester


Used in textiles, film material 's resistant to wear, abrasion, performance testing.




ISO5470, BS3424/5690, ISO12945, 12947, JIS L1096, IWSTM112/196, ASTM4966/4970.GB//T4802,13775.


Technical Parameter

working station: 4
Counter : Electronic

Fabric sample weight :395±2g
Furniture decoration sample weight :594±2g
Stainless steel disc:260±1g
Grinding block effective diameter of friction :

A type ,200g(1.96NRubbing head,¢ 28.8 -0.084mm /

B type155g(1.52N)Rubbing head,¢ 90 -0.10mm
Holder and ground relative speed:50-2r/min

Weight of the sample pressure hammer:  2385±10g

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