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EKL Electronic Tensile Tester
2014/3/6 16:28:51
Product Description:

 Function and usage

EKL Electronic Tensile Tester is applicable in the test of physical mechanical properties of plastic films, laminated materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic flexible tube, adhesives, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive tape, adhesive bandage (plaster), release paper, protective film, flip off cap, foil, diaphragm, back sheet, non-woven, rubber and paper fiber, etc. It can perform the test items of tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat seal, adhesive, puncture force, etc.

The EKL Electronic Tensile Tester is primarily used for packaging industries and is considered the best value for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 


Standard: ASTM D828-1997(2002) ,ASTM-D882-09,ASTM D1938-2006 ,ASTM D3330, ASTM F88-06 ,ASTM F904-08, JIS P8113-1998, GB/T8946-1998,GB 8808-1988 ,GB 13022-1991 ,YBB00112003,YBB00102003,YBB00132002.


Force measurement range: 0-500N, 1500% elongation
Force measurement resolution: 1/ 100,000 of the full range of the sensor
Test speed: 0-500mm/min (stepless speed regulation)
Displacement precision: Within ±0.5% of the indicating value.
Effective test travel: 800mm
Power supply: AC220V /50Hz
Dimension: 600(L)mm×600(W)mm×1300(H)mm
Weight: 70kg


1. Accurate test data, simple layout, use friendly;
2. Versatile test functions such as tensile, flexure, puncture, sealing, peeling etc;
3. Measurement force range 0-500N is best value for flexible packaging materials test;
4. Automation save and print test reports;
5. Conecting computer to operate or without computer to test separately.
6. LCD screen on real time display, easily modify parameters;
7. adopts superior components;
8.Versatile operation languages support.


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