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EKM Leak Tester
2014/3/6 16:51:41
Product Description:

 Function and usage

Leak tester is applicable for leakage test of flexible packaging case, plastic bottle ,bags, and pot in food, pharmacy and commodity industries.
The leakage process and sealing performance of flexible packaging cases can be compared and evaluated effectively through tests.
This instrument is the best value for food, beverage, pharmacy and commodity industries. It carries the standard of GB/T 15171 -1994 , ASTM D 3078 -94.


Vacuum degree: 0 ~ -90kPa
Vacuum precision: ±1 % (indication error)
Holding time of vacuum: 0.1~60min
Intake pressure: 0.25~0.6MPa (2.5~6kgf/cm2)
Dimension of vacuum chamber: Ф300×350mm
Dimension: 430(L)mm× 300(W)mm×500(H)mm
Weight: 12kg
Power supply: AC 220V / 50HZ



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