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EKC Coefficient of Friction Tester
2014/3/7 13:41:51
Product Description:

  Function and usage

EKC Coefficient of Friction Tester mainly measure the smoothness property of OPP,PET,NILON,CPP,CPE and other plastic materials and sheets .By testing the friction efficient number judges the smoothness, uniformity of film, efficiently to prevent it’s smoothness level avoiding the quality defects..

It’s used in packaging field, film factory, printing industry, paper factory, packaging test institutions .It carries the standard of GB 10006 -1988, ASTM D 1894 -1990 ,TAPPI 816 wd-00,ISO 8295 -1995.


Working principle

Cut the sample into two pieces, one is placed in the working stable as well as clamping by the clamper, another encase the slider, then fix the slider on the hole of the sensor make the sample move under the condition of slider gaining the force, that is to say the two side of test sample makes relative moving .The sensor measured force signal be amplified by ICL7650, transferred to recorder as well as recording the dynamic and static friction coefficient.



Sample thickness: ≤0.2mm

Sliding piece size: 63×63mm

Sliding piece mass: 200±2g

Working-table board size: 200×470mm

Measuring precision:0.001

Velocity of sliding-piece movement: 100×10mm/min (changeable)

Force measurement range: 0-2N (0-10 selectable)

Weight: 20kg

Power supply: AC 220V/ 50Hz



1.Stable performance, accurate test data;

2.Use friendly and durably;

3.Computer control, test results directly show in the window; connecting computer with professional software online show the test curve and can save the test report as well as print;

4.Import superior components, longer lift time;

5.Simple calibration method;

6.CE,FCC certifications

7.Versatile operation language support





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