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EKW Light Transmittance Rate and Haze Tester
2014/3/7 14:04:13
Product Description:

Function and usage

EKW Light Transmittance Rate and Haze Tester applies to test all transparent and semi-transparent parallel plane samples (plastic plates, sheets, etc.) light transmittance, haze test, liquid samples (water, drinks, etc.) and determination of turbidity or clarity.
It is suitable for scientific research units, universities, plastic products, packaging films, coatings, printing ink and other related industries. It carries the standard of GB2410-80,ASTMD1030-61(1997),JISK7105-81.

1.Optical system: alignment lighting, diffuse vision, integrating sphere receive mode;
2.Sample size: enter into the window Ф25mm, out of the window Ф21mm;
3.Source: C source (DC12V50W tungsten halogen + color temperature tablets);
4.Electronic system: LED digital display, BCD code serial output printer connector;
5.Automatic operating system, haze, light transmission rate automatically switchover, measurement, calibration;
6.Computer data processing system, multiple consecutive tests, the average display.
Warm-up time: 30min Accuracy: 1% light transmittance Haze H ≤ 0.5% range of 0.1%, H> 0.5% range 0.3% Repeatability: 0.5% transmittance Haze H ≤ 0.5% range is 0.05%, H> 0.5% range is 0.1% Measuring range: 0 ~ 100.0% light transmittance, haze 0 ~ 30.00% Minimum reading: transmittance rate of 0.1%, 0.01% haze





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