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EKR Heat seal Tester
2014/3/7 14:25:15
Product Description:

 Function and usage
Heat-sealing property is the most important property of the plastic packaging film. GBB-A Heating-seal tester can measure the temperature range, intensity, suitable speed, pressure and so on of the heat sealing of plastic film based material, flexible packaging composite membrane, coating paper, aluminum foil and other kinds of heat-sealing compound precisely.

Instrument structure:
The structure of the heat-sealing tester is composed of 4 parts: pneumatic drive system, heat-sealing equipment, temperature adjustment system and time adjustment system.

Pneumatic drive system:
It includes pressure gauge, guide stick, cylinder, pneumatic valve, pressure regulating handle and so on. You can pull the pressure-regulating handle outward, rotate to the right side to adjust the heat sealing pressure to a high value, and rotate to the left side to reduce it. After setting the pressure, please press the handle to the side of mainframe to lock the air pressure.

Heating-seal device
It is composed of the upper and lower heat-sealing sticks, of which the upper one is connected with a cylinder. There is an insulating plate in the upper part, which can prevent heat transmit to the cylinder. The heat-sealing stick is made of aluminum, and the center is heater. There is a silica gel plate in the upper part of the lower heat-sealing stick, which can mitigate pressure impact during heat sealing. Temperature measurement system was installed at the back of the heat-sealing stick.

Temperature adjustment system:
The upper temperature controller controls the temperature of upper heat-sealing stick, and the rear temperature controller controls the temperature of lower heat-sealing stick. The temperature can be set at will through adjusting the button on the dial plate.

Time adjustment system:
Time adjustment system: The heat-sealing time can be set at will through adjusting the button on dial plate. The setting scope of time is 0.01s to 999.9h. Press the foot switch under the manual state, and the heat-sealing stick will be pressed together. Under the automatic state, the press-fitting time of upper and lower heat sealing sticks are controlled by a timer automatically, it can automatically recover later. The unit of timer is 0.1 second in general. There is time adjusting button on the panel of the timer, and the heat-sealing time can be adjusted at will.

Power : AC220V  50HZ  ;
Compressed air: 8kg/cm2;
Heat sealing plane: 300mm×10mm slick (With silicon pad in lower seal stick);
Heat sealing temperature: room temperature 20~300°C (Precision 1°C);
Heat sealing time: 0.01s~99.99h;
Heat-sealing pressure: 0~0.8Mp.
Dimension: 700(L)mm×400(W)mm×540(H)mm
Weight: Desktop 30Kg;





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