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EKT-W Water Vapor Permeation Tester
2014/3/11 9:37:50
Product Description:

 Function and usage

EKT-W Water Vapor permeation tester tests the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of packaging material.
This instrument is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics flexible packaging materials industry(plastic film, barrier materials, sheets, metal aluminum, PVC,PVC sheets), college, university and quality institution for their water vapor transmission rate(WVTR) test and quality control.
It carries the standards of GB 1037-1988 ,GB/T 16928-1997, ASTM E96-00e1 ,ASTM D1653-03,TAPPI T464,ISO2528.

Working principle

EKT-W Water Vapor Permeation Tester was designed with the principle of weighting method to use weight reduction method to test the water transmittance rate (WVTR) of plastic films. Namely in the regulated temperature, relative humidity conditions, the sample two sides keep the vapor different pressure, measuring the vapor volume passed through, figure out the WVTR value. Unit is g/ m2·24h.


Measurement range:0.02~10000 g/ m2·24h
Measurement accuracy: 0.001 g/ m2·24h
Temp. range:15℃~45℃
Temp. accuracy:±0.1℃
Humidity range: 0~20%RH dry method 10~90%RH (dual-airflow humidity method, selection)
Humidity accuracy: ±2%RH
Sample thickness:≤2mm
Sample no:1piece
Sample dia.:Φ80mm, transmission area 50.24cm2, (no stipulate for area in international)
Power supply: AC220V/50Hz


1, Automatic test, use friendly,
2, Instrument with configuration of 240,000 true color touch screen to work independently;
3, High-precision sensors with over-range protection, continuous data collection, accurate and reliable data;
4, Automatic control temperature, low requirements for environment;
5, Software displays the status of each curve ,all the test parameters on the real time showing;
6, Work independently without computer;
7.Test precision is the same with infrared method and coulometry method;
8. Superior components ,multi-level security protection design,
9. Calibration with two method of weights and standard film;
10. CE, UL, FCC certifications.
11.Versatile operation language support.
12.Test chambers can expand to ten or even more.





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