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EKT-G Gas Permeation Tester
2014/3/11 9:43:46
Product Description:

 Function and usage

Model EKT-G Gas permeation tests the gas transmission rate (GTR) of packaging material.
This instrument is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry,
cosmetics flexible packaging materials industry (plastic film, barrier materials, sheets, metal aluminum, PVC,
PVC sheets), college, university and quality institution for gas(O2,CO2,N2,ect)permeation test and quality control.  

It carries the standards of ISO 2556-2001,ISO15105-1,GB/T 1038-2000,ASTM D1434-82(2003),YBB00082003.


Working principle

Use different pressure method .Put the prepared sample between the upper and lower chamber ,clamping it.

Then do the vacuum for the whole system .Close the lower testing chamber, input test gas in the upper chamber,
make sure form constant pressure between the two side of test sample, for differential conditions, the gas will
permeate from the high pressure to lower pressure side, by monitoring the pressure of the lower pressure side
to get parameters of various kinds testing samples.



Measuring range: 0.02~5000 cm3/m2 .day.0.1Mpa
              0.2~50000 cm3/m2 .day.0.1Mpa(by use expansion the mode)
Measuring accuracy:0.01cm3/m2.day.0.1Mpa
Testing temperature range: 15℃~45℃,
Temperature precision: ±0.1℃
Resolution ratio: 0.1pa
Vacuum: <20pa
Carried gas inlet:1/8 inch
Sample thickness: ≤2mm
Dimension: 700(L)mm×520(W)mm×380(H)mm
Power supply: AC220 V/50Hz
Sample area: Φ80mm, transmission area 50.24cm2,(no stipulate for area in international)


1, Automatic test, user friendly, non-maintenance design;
2. Two test mode of high and low, width measurement range, high precision ; 
3. Superior components, accurate test result, high stability;
4. Automatically increase and decrease temperature, no special requirements to the environment;
5. All parameters display on the real time;
7. Multi-level security protection design, excellent performance , and sustainable operation;
8. With CE,UL,FCC certifications;
9.Versatile language support.



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